Peace Out Cancer – Dad’s Done with Chemo!

Two days after Christmas and we got our Christmas present – 29 weeks after my last treatment, my Dad completed his and rang the bell!  WAAAHOOO!!!  Peace out cancer, see ya later!



His oncology nurse presenting him with his completion certificate, signed by all of the nurses – it was her first time, she was sooo excited to get to give it to him!

Today was a long time coming…especially after the year we’ve had.  I haven’t been as great about doing updates on my Dad, because life got in the way.  #5 knocked him on his butt and this one could do the same – he doesn’t get sick like I did, but the exhaustion has been pretty bad.  If you ask him how he is, he’s like me “oh, gosh, I’m fine!  It could be a lot worse…”  He even said this as the nurse was administering his red colored one through a syringe (see here).

His people came out in full force again today – Nancy, Frank, Sonya and Steve all came marching in about the same time.  My brother took child duty so I could be there today (thank you, Kyle!).  We can’t thank everyone enough for all the time and effort they’ve put forth over the last 11 months – we couldn’t have done it without you.  

Dad’s scans and blood work will take place in 3 weeks, a couple days before mine – we’ll be on the same cycle for awhile when it comes to checkups.  Until then, he’ll be recovering from #6 and then we’re heading south to the house to enjoy a little fun in the sun and on the water – he hasn’t been able to travel and none of us have gone since this summer.  Needless to say, we’re looking forward to it!

Everyone was waiting at home to celebrate with him!

Merry Christmas to everyone and happy New Year – although I’ll be back with another post on New Year’s Eve!  Until then…we’re eating pizza and poppin’ bottles (not really, he doesn’t want to celebrate until he has his taste back and bit and enjoys food and drinks again!).

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