What’s in Store for 2018 – New Things to Look For!

Earlier this week I took to Instagram stories and tried to “talk” about new things to come this year…let me tell ya how that went – I was tired, out of gas and it was a bad word day.  I should have waited, but I’m trying to hold myself accountable when it comes to doing something I say I’m going to do in a timely fashion, not a week later.  And let’s be honest, me trying to do things on the fly isn’t always the easiest, BUT I’m committed to becoming better at that as well.  If you haven’t followed me on Instagram yet, you may want to head that way!

Finally feeling like I have my feet somewhat underneath me I’ve been able to reel in what I want to do with Kick Ovarian Cancer – look for things to be more community oriented.  A place where people can come to not only check in on my story, but learn about others, find resources/education around all that is ovarian cancer, and connect with other women who are experiencing or have experienced what battling ovarian cancer entails, while continuing the fundraising piece for research, education/awareness and care packages.  Here’s what that’s going to look like:

Randalynn’s Blog – you’ll notice today the blog page tab now has a slightly different name.  Why??  In order to give Kick Ovarian Cancer, Inc a bit more of a foundation/not-for-profit feel, removing the focus from solely being on me. This is going to take a bit of time, since I am the “web master” and let’s just say I’m not exactly a “master” when it comes to this whole thing – I’m technology challenged, but I’m trying.

There will be topics to look for monthly – Wellness Wednesdays and Fighter Fridays (again, if you don’t follow me on my social media pages, you may want to do so, we’ll have more fighters and wellness pieces more often than on the blog) will occur one to two times a month, and I’ll be making a personal post one to two times a week – from time to time this will include recipes and products I love, AND my adventures!  IF you’d like to share your story, or contribute a wellness piece (natural products, recipes, book reviews, research articles, mental/physical health), send me a message, I’d love to have help with all of this (kickovariancancer@gmail.com).

Health/wellness component – fitness accountability groups – I feel very strongly about getting up off of your bootie and moving!  So, instead of constantly hearing me saying I PR’ed a ride on my bike or crushed my BeachBody workout or decompressed at yoga, I’m going to offer you the opportunity to join me in one of two ways – online and in person.

Online: yes, online.  Let’s connect, let’s virtually give each other bootie pats and “go get ’em’s” and help each other along the way.  I’ll hold these once a month for three weeks, to help you create a new “habit”.  Everyone is welcome to keep participating as long as they’d like, the more the merrier!  One caveat, I want you to give it your best effort while participating in order to see if you notice a difference in the way you feel.  Any fitness level is welcome! The first one will start on February 5th!

In person: St. Louis area peeps, I’m coming for you, finalizing details this week. My goal is to have a fitness meet up once a week, with a small donation going towards ovarian cancer related initiatives.  These will be things that I’ve found beneficial and incorporated into my weekly routine, things that can help those fighting cancer, those dealing with the after effects and those who merely need something to get them jumpstarted.

No, you do not have to be a cancer survivor to participate…what if we changed our mindset to preventing illnesses and cancer by actually trying to be the best us we can possibly be.  No, I am not perfect by any means and YES, I still eat desserts, pizza, etc, I just choose different options and do everything in moderation.  My life just kinda depends on it now, and if I have to head into dealing with all that is cancer again, I want to be the best me possible.

Online Community Meet – Ups:  Yes, you read that correctly…starting in mid-late February we’ll be hosting our first online meet-up.  Since we all could use a little boost from time to time and a place to come where people understand what you’re saying, a safe place to express what we really want to say without feeling like the person you said it to now feels sorry for you, or pities you, but they ACTUALLY GET IT (ummm, we can tell by the look on your face, the delayed text message response or the tone in your voice). The first one will be limited to only a certain number of ladies, and eventually I hope to have hot topics and presenters as well.

Fundraising component:  The hat sales will continue, but with big pushes only during certain times of the year.  I’m looking to actually add two fundraising events this year – one will be in the spring, the other in the fall.  I’ve got two ideas in the works and want to make sure all of the logistics are in order and I can pull this off – the spring event will be released in February. We’ll be helping other ovarian cancer related foundations out along the way, like we did in September this past year as well.

This spring I’ll be speaking at St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness’s event, and in the fall I’ll be riding in Pedal the Cause with my gyn-oc team (I’m looking for friends to rider with me, I’m NOT disclosing the ride I’m going to do yet, but let’s just say “go big or go home” is the mentality, and I’m going to need a push) – SUPER excited about this, and now that I’ve actually put it on paper I’m probably going to freak out about jinxing myself with regards to staying healthy – yep, this is how this survivor’s mind works.  I find myself worrying that if I commit to something in the future something will happen and I won’t be able to do it – I’m sure this will pass with time.  Regardless, these are two things you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the months to come.

As you can see, most of the changes are simple, creating more structure and definition.  Bringing together the community of women who are cancer survivors, especially those considered “young”, is important to me and something I feel is currently lacking, something I’m hoping I can help fill the gap in, even if it’s just a little.

I’m open to suggestions, help, anything you at all – always feel free to message me at kickovariancancer@gmail.com


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