Do The Things That Set Your Soul On Fire – I Have A Few!

Do The Things That Set Your Soul On Fire — And Don’t Settle For Anything Less!

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed one of these things for me is skiing – ask me how long it had been since I skied and you’d be shocked! By the smile on my face, you can tell it’s where I’m happy, although sometimes the cold gets to me – when my hands get too cold, it’s like needles, it wasn’t like that before, I’m hoping it improves with time.   I made mention when I was leaving in January to someone that I needed to figure out how to go skiing once a month during snow season – she agreed. Why, because I was happy, I was a little more “me” and I forgot.

My others, well that’s simple – hiking, the house down south, and really anywhere with a beach. I’ll be hitting all of these spots in the next three months – some of them multiple times. Does this make me tired, sometimes. But I’ll tell you time and time again, these are things I enjoy doing, the things I WANT to do, the things that SET MY SOUL ON FIRE and make me forget. Truth is…I’m not ready to sit with my thoughts about all of this, I’m not sure when I will be. You see, the last 3 years of my life, cancer aside, have been quite trying, to say the least.

This past weekend I was able to take the children with me to do one of my favorite things, skiing, with the help of my parents (another thing I didn’t see myself doing, doing this whole thing solo!). I still remember the ski trips we took as a family growing up, and I wanted that for them too. I was so nervous about how it would go – what if they didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, what if they never wanted to go again, what if they were still too young??? All of my fears were erased after day one – both of them couldn’t have been more excited to tell me how their day went. Both of them LOVED skiing and Olivia, well…this may be one of her happy places too, she excelled like no other at this activity and was bummed when the day was over! J-man, I think he got a little tuckered out by day 3, but he said he’s ready to go back next year!

Find what sets your soul on fire, it doesn’t have to be an activity – a solid glass of wine, a good book and a spot outside will do the trick too – and hang on tight to it. Make time to do these things – don’t settle for things you think you should be doing, not the things you want to be doing. I did this for far too long – take it from someone who knows what NOT to do – LOL!

I’ll be honest, STL isn’t my happy place. Too many things have happened here – it is where I need to be at this time though, so I do what’s needed to carve out time to spend doing the things I love, which is why I’m on the go quite frequently. Don’t let temporary things set you back – it’s not permanent, things will change, and in the meantime, figure out a way to make it work – settling for anything less than a rip roaring fire, isn’t doing your time here on earth any justice. You only have one life, spend it doing the things that make you, you.

Hitting the skies again Friday to meet up with some of my girls (okay, guys…I’m excited to see you too – LOL!) in the Southwest – Phoenix/Scottsdale, I’m coming for ya! Where will you find me, on the hiking trail (my type A personality has a list with details on each for us to decide on – I forewarned everyone!), possibly sipping a glass of wine (or two) at a local watering hole, grabbing a bite around town, and getting all dolled up for Colleen’s Dream’s Gala on Saturday night (y’all it’s like we’re going to prom!). So excited to see my girl Brittany up on stage, sharing her story, she’s going to kill it!

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