What is Pedal the Cause – Great Question!

You’re going to see a LOT of things related to Pedal the Cause over the next 5 months – so what is it, why is it important to me, and how does it work?  Hold on tight, here we go!



What is Pedal the Cause? Pedal the Cause provides critical funding to Siteman Cancer Center  (where I am treated) and Siteman Kids at Children’s Hospital through an annual cycling challenge (y’all, it’s legit, not a gimme!).  Donations “seed” best-in-breed ideas at both facilities to allow the cultivation of proof of concept and critical data. These seeded projects often turn into groundbreaking results that lead to new treatments and cures, prevention, and early detection diagnostics. Since 2010, participants have raised more than $19 million, funding more than 101 cancer research projects.

What is my involvement? This year, I am co-captaining the hospital’s Gyn-Oc team, Teal on Wheels, with my oncologist, Dr. Andrea Hagemann.  Why, might you ask?  Because we both feel it’s important.  Because we both want to see more people being active, living their best lives, in order to prevent them from having to walk across the threshold into the office of an oncologist.  While raising these dollars are critical to aid Siteman Cancer Center in world class research and care, it’s as important for communities to adapt a health lifestyle, along with sharing all that is ovarian cancer.

What started as a patient-doctor relationship has developed into something more – I’ve stepped up to the challenge and we’re teaming up for the best year ever!

How far are you riding? I’m a Century Rider, 100 miles.  NO, you do not have to ride 100 miles, I’ve kinda got something to prove – giving ovca the big middle finger, if you will.

So, if I don’t have to ride 100 miles, what are the other distances I can ride? Lots of options: 10miles, 18 miles, 37 miles, 50 miles, 67 miles, and 100 miles.  Don’t have a bike, but love to spin – PERFECT!  There will be tents on site the day of the event for you to spin in for 1-2 hours – I have a couple ladies coming in to join me, let me know if you’d like as well!

Is this a family friendly event?  Ab-So-Freakin-Lutely! Olivia and Jaxson will be riding in the Kid’s Challenge on Saturday!  Come join them!!! ALL ARE WELCOME!

Now to the good stuff – what are the dates, how do I sign up and what are the fundraising requirements?  The ride will take place on September 30th, with activities on the 29th as well.  Click here to join our team – there are lots of ways to be involved – if you don’t ride, we need volunteers and virtual riders as well!  There are minimum, achievable fundraising amounts, and fun incentives to really push yourself – ANYONE can earn a yellow jersey, no matter how you’re participating!

My SUPER snazzy YELLOW Socks!!!

What if I can’t make it and want to donate? PERFECT!  Every dollar raised goes directly to both cancer centers, for ALL forms of cancer research, not just ovarian.  Click here to donate! Currently I’m committed to a Yellow Jersey, raising $2500, I will be switching that up here shortly, once I hit that goal.

Will you have other fundraising opportunities for this event?  YES!  We are in the planning stages, but will soon have a list of things you can join us for to not only raise funds, but to learn more about ovarian cancer, the current research, and health and wellness opportunities.  As soon as they are finalized I’ll have them posted on this site – this weekend the Pedal the Cause tab will become active on this site.

How will my donation benefit me/my family/friends if we don’t live in the St. Louis area?  GREAT question! Siteman Cancer Center is an international leader in cancer treatment, research, prevention and education – they partner with numerous cancer centers, sharing findings, treatment options and plans.  So, although you may not be being treated at the Center itself, you may be benefiting from the studies they are conducting outside of the STL area.  We can ALL benefit from the monies raised!

I’ve got other questions/I want to join you: PERFECT!! Email me, it’s the best way to get in touch with me – kickovariancancer@gmail.com – I’ll try to respond in a timely manner, but am being pulled in several directions at the moment, so it may not be instantaneous.


This is something important to me, it’s important to many, unfortunately.  Even if you’re not directly effected by cancer yourself, chances are someone around you has been.  And what better of a way to raise funds for cancer than by doing so through something that could help prevent cancer from ever happening to you – a fitness related activity, like cycling.  Although we have goals set for this year, it’s not all about the money – it’s about bring awareness to all gynecological cancers, helping kickstart/maintain a health lifestyle, and so much more.

COME JOIN US!!!  Click Here

DONATE!!!  Click Here

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