Grand Canyon Rim2Rim – Part II – But, Why??

Starting out at the North Rim – I’m a very little way down at this point. You actually start the hike on the north side in a little forest of sorts.


And my response back would be “…but why not…”

Multiple times I’ve been asked why this, why is this what you chose to do?  I feel like everyone is looking for some profound response, like I had an epiphany or life changing event (yes, I get it, I did!) that caused me to choose this, but what if the only reason I did this was because I’m merely living my life, doing what I want to do?  Would that answer be good enough?  Because it should be, without a doubt, reason enough to do this and everything else that’s on my “list”.  And no, please don’t call it my “Bucket List” – in my head that implies I’m doing things because I won’t be here – for me, it’s my “Live Life List.”

So for those of you wondering why I did this, why something so big and so bold, it was because I merely went down the list of things I have down that I want to do, and this one just happened to be the one I picked.  I didn’t do this for anyone but me, and my three friends who joined me were just as crazy and didn’t think twice about me doing it – okay, maybe they thought twice, verbalized any concerns they may have had, but knew that if I said I was going to do this, they had to let me do it. It’s a mutual unspoken respect we have for each other – supporting the other.   And, let’s be honest, a part of me really wanted to do this, to prove that I still had it in me to do extreme things.  Knocking this out gives me the confidence to try just about anything.

What I wish people would have said prior to me taking off on this adventure, was how proud of me they were for trying, that this was going to be one for the books, or doing this was going to be one heck of an accomplishment considering where I was at this point in time last year…but not many did.  Most were still concerned about my wellbeing, making sure I realized what I was actually trying to accomplish, and overlooking the fact that for the last 5 months I’ve been busting my butt so I would be able to do this. Some said this was going to be an amazing trip, but you could tell they were still hesitant about the entire thing.

Here’s the deal – I can’t go out like the normal person who’s in great shape and do a normal training schedule, I have to make sure that I have an extra month or two in order to be in the right position to do things of this nature.  The things I need to do are a little different as well – I incorporated a lot of HIIT and Tabatta workouts in order to try and increase my lung capacity – cardio is hardio, y’all.  Remember, I’ve said it feels like someone is standing on my chest while doing high intensity workouts, I’m not sure that feeling will ever will go away fully.  And, as I found out, I have to keep in mind that my large joints will only allow for me to go so far, for so long, without reminding me of all I’ve been through, and that’s okay(10 days later and I FINALLY got some relief in my knee joints!).  It’s why I’ve been cycling indoors throughout the winter, not only for this, but so that when I hit the road next weekend to start my training regimen for my 100 mile ride for Pedal the Cause at the end of September, I wouldn’t be starting at ground zero.  The normal training schedule would have me starting in July, pretty hardcore – June will be my buildup, so I’m ready for that as well.

So for those of you who’ve been worried about me doing the 100 mile course on September 30th, completing the Rim2Rim of the Grand Canyon should reassure you that I’m going to be okay – yes, I know what I need to do in order to not only complete this, but complete it in the time I’d like to.  I enter everything like this with a bit of nerves attached – if I didn’t, it means I wasn’t fully aware of the amount I’d bitten off to chew, and I am, which means I’ll be fully prepared.  My hope, is that by sharing all that I do, big and small, others will know they can do hard things too no matter what their situation in life may be.  Go and do the things that might scare you a little bit – more times than not, the reward will be worth it!

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