Ummm…Where In the World Have You Been??? Good Question, Let’s Catch Up

I know…I said at the beginning of June my fatigue was rough, then I was still exhausted in July, and the trend has continued.  I’ve legit been taking naps after work when I don’t have the children, trying to spin after the naps, during the week, then do my lymphadema stuff, then it’s time to sleep.  The weekends are full of riding, doing things with the kids and enjoying spending time out and about.  So, this has been put on the back burner, for no other reason, then I’m tired and will be honest, probably just haven’t allowed myself the time I need to adjust to this life I now live.

So let’s do a quick Q&A to answer a lot of the questions I’ve been getting, and hopefully we’ll be all caught up and can start fresh, lots going on in the world of Me!

Aren’t you concerned that you’re so tired?  Great question, I was!  I was VERY nervous…because it’s taken everything for me to literally pick my head up off my pillow in the morning for the last several months.  The end of July was my one year N.E.D. check up, but I actually had my blood drawn two weeks prior while at the hospital for my dad’s surgery.  All was good, single digit numbers.  Went to my appointment and the Resident, who I’ve had in the past, said “oh gosh, you checked a higher number on your fatigue level than normal, what are you doing about that?”  My response was “nothing,” thinking that she’d say I wasn’t resting enough or something like that…which wasn’t the case at all.

After I said “nothing,” I quickly followed it with “but she’d (Dr. H) tell you that I need to slow down, I’m working out, training for the 100 mile ride…” to which the Resident quickly stated “actually, the thing we recommend for fatigue is exercise, so you’re doing the correct thing.”  I’d say the level at what I am currently training at though, is causing a lot of it…6 more weeks and then I plan on taking my weekends without the kids to relax a bit and see if that doesn’t help a little.

Oh my goodness, your Dad had surgery, what’s going on??  Yeah, I think a bit of stress is coming into play with a few things as well on the fatigue front, this being one of them.  My Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer right before his first 3-month post-chemo check up for non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – not something any of us anticipated.  After having the biopsies done to confirm he had a high concentration of mixed grade prostate cancer, with one lesion, he decided on surgery to treat the issue…but being my Dad, he wanted to make sure it was done according to the schedule we had in place for the summer…which meant waiting until after the vacation we had planned with the kids, and getting it done just in time for him to be able to walk with me at the PGA Championship the first full week in August.  Everything went really well, his first post-surgery blood draw was great, normal levels, and he’ll continue to have his levels checked every 3 months for the first few years, then taper off to one time a year at the 5-year mark.

Any big plans for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month?  I know the answer to this should be ‘yes,’ but I’m heavily involved with Pedal the Cause at the moment, and I didn’t calculate in my head how much time I’d need to dedicate to both.  So the answer is ‘maybe’…be on the lookout, it won’t be anything too grand, but it will be enough to create the awareness I’m looking to achieve.

How are the kids? Olivia and Jaxson are FANTASTIC!  Jaxson is now in Kindergarten at the same school with Olivia and although he tells me he doesn’t like it, I think he really does…because he has a huge smile on his face every day I drop them off as he’s waving good-bye, walking up the sidewalk.  I will say this though…they remember all that was 2017, probably more than I’d like for them to.

I fell and hurt my hand a couple weekends back and I said something like “I think I broke my hand” and Jaxson started crying… he asked me if I’d have to stay in the hospital like before, for how long and would he not be able to touch me like that ‘one time’ – that ‘one time’ was a long recovery period from back to back surgeries, where they’d have to sit in a chair next to me, until we finally got to the point that they could sit in my chair with me, just not in my lap like they once were used to.  To be honest, I still can’t have them sit on my lap too long without having a bit of pain…it’s just the way I healed, and I hope with time it gets better.

Outside of that though…you’d never be able to tell we’re any different than any other family of three walking down the street, smiling and laughing

What is Pedal the Cause?  Hang tight on this one, I have a big post coming on Sunday for this one and I’ll answer all the questions you may have any more!


My goal is this going forward: 1-2 posts a week, some will be about me, some will be about life, and some will be about others. The long period of time without posting isn’t something I plan on doing again any time soon…I just need a bit of a break, I think that happens from time to time.  And on that note…go and enjoy the weekend, make memories and laugh!!!

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