Chemotherapy Round 2 – Was I Crazy to Think I Could Leave for Spring Break the Day After Treatment??

Round 2 was scheduled the day before I’d planned to leave for spring break with Olivia and Jaxson…I’d told Dr. Hagemann from the very beginning there was one thing I wanted to do – take the children on spring break and not have to cancel on them. She agreed that this was feasible, as long as I had backup with me for support. Okay, no problem, we’ve got this!

The treatment itself pretty much went off without a hitch – minus a mild reaction, which caused us to stop things for a bit and then start again very slowly, resulting in a 7.5 hour day. No problem, we’re getting there…third times a charm, right?!? Thankfully I’d packed everything the weekend before and my dad had taken the majority of things with him when he’d headed down ahead of us. Remember, I needed support – my dad coming through like he always does, left the day before us to make sure the house was ready to go and he’d done all of the grocery shopping/errands necessary before we arrived.

5:30am, we were wheels up on our Southwest flight to Ft. Myers, in route to Naples. Yes, you read that correctly…we got everyone up, dressed and to the airport on time, AND we had car service, thanks to my mom!!! She was unable to go with us this time, she needed to spend some time with her dad (he passed on March 30th from Stage IV Lung Cancer). In tow with us on the flight were Kim and Jake…and everything went off without a hitch! We made it in one piece.

Since I didn’t know how I would feel, and had prepared for the worst, I told myself I would make it to the pool every day for the children, even if it was for 20 minutes…and I told Kim to hold me accountable, I could do this! The other thing I wanted to do was list one thing we were thankful for each day and post to Facebook, so we’d have something to look back on (

We had friends and family in and out throughout the week either popping in for a quick visit or joining us for a meal – it was so nice! My dad was able to join us from Thursday until Monday morning and then my brother and his family came in on Tuesday to visit until we left on Friday morning.


Since I was unable to get in the pool, my peeps stepped in, in a BIG way…they filled my shoes in doing things that I wasn’t able to. Some evenings I was just too tired and some mornings/afternoons I needed a little bit of extra rest, but they were always there – fixing breakfast, snacks, throwing balls in the pool, feeding the fish by the docks, taking the kids on special dessert outings and so forth.
And guess what?!? I made it to the pool every day with Olivia and Jaxson for the entire time they were down there each time…success! I even made it to the beach on the last day with the help of a few extras – Nancy and Frank. I pushed through, I took the time to rest when I needed it, but made the time to get my bootie out of the house to be with them, because they needed this and I needed to show up for them!

Dad, Kim, Jacob, Kyle and Mel, I can’t thank you enough for all the help in order to make this possible. The others of you who joined us for a visit and or meals, thank you, thank you for putting a smile on my face and making sure we were all okay.




So, was I crazy to think I could leave for spring break the day after round 2…probably so, but sometimes you need a little crazy in order to get through the difficult things, in order to keep showing up, in order to fight. So in my opinion, “crazy” is a good thing!

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